If I Had A Few Bob - A Steampunk Cruise

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Every so often you come across something and wish 'Upon my word, it would be most splendiferous if one could afford that.'

One such event that I recently came upon and had those thoughts about was the Steampunk Cruise.  A seven day Steampunk themed cruise around the Caribbean with other like-minded types.  Balls, costumes, entertainment, possibly even pirates (though probably not, even if it is the Caribbean.)

Given it is billed as the First Annual cruise, the possibility exists for future participation.

(Note:  Not the real boat used ;) )


Steve Frankel said...

For those who can't make the March cruise or want a slightly different Steampunk experience, we are leading the "other first annual Steampunk cruise" from San Francisco to Alaska August 18-28 2013.

Prices start at $1,644 per person for cruise, government fees and Steampunk program.

You can get a pdf of the flyer at
http://frankelassociates.com/donna2/documents/steam%20cruise%20flyer.pdf or go to www.dancingcruises.com and click on the steam ship.

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