Hammer of the Pygmies - A Sir Richard Hammerman Adventure

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Herein is contained the link to my first ever attempt at writing a steampunk story - Hammer of the Pygmies.  It is a free novelette of around 10,500 words, the first of the planned Sir Richard Hammerman Adventures.

Set in a fantastical alternate Earth, with elements familiar, yet others unfamiliar or out of place, it recounts the tale of Sir Richard Hammerman, gentleman-explorer, along with his loyal manservant Obadiah Crabb, as they accompany their good friend Doctor Hamilton Gooding to explore a pygmy temple in the heart of dark Africus.

This is a world where all those sailors tales are generally true - mermaids and sea monsters out in the oceans, pygmies who ride pterodactyls in Africus, djinns in the desert and more.

I have three more stories in various stages of construction to share at some stage once done.


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