Clockwork Empires

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Take SimCity and stuff it with steampunk. Take Dwarf Fortress and make it modern. Take Anno and dump H.P. Lovecraft into its oceans. [1]

Clockworks Empires is a forthcoming game for the computing engine by Gaslamp Games, due out 2013.  Possibly.

You assume the role of Junior Bureaucrat (Colonial Grade), sent out to expand the Empire by building colonies.  Things can go wrong though.  Very wrong.

Among the list of features promised are;

  • Dynamic, city-building, citizen-simulating action. Every imperial subject has a purpose and agenda of their own, and their interactions are rich, exciting, and often lethal!
  • New “procedural extrusion” technology lets you design your colony the way you want! Buildings are procedurally generated and extruded directly from the aether to your specifications!
  • Tame the uncharted continents by land, sea, and air! Set forth in mighty Zeppelins to do battle with Sky Pirates, or take to the seas in search of fortune and probably sea serpents!
  • Create magnificent acts of plumbing, link together mighty gears, and build ominous Megaprojects!
  • Tangle with the machinations of malevolent entities! Scry the legacy of the Invisible Geometers, fumigate the baleful moon-fungus of the Selenian Polyps, and cleanse the scuttling creepiness and poor personal and moral hygiene of your everyday, average cultist.
  • Losing is still fun! When your colony fails miserably, earn medals, promotions, and titles as befits a true politician and scion of the Empire! [2]

So ready to venture forth, in search of fame, fortune and glory, for the Queen and for the Clockwork Empire.

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